Vegetable garden and garden

From the balcony to the terrace and of course in the garden, and how to grow vegetables and fruit in the garden .

You can consult the various sheets on the different gardening techniques and cultivation of vegetables and fruit trees, you will have access to our advice on the biological fight against pests and diseases, without resorting to chemicals.

In the vegetable garden and garden category you will also find a complete section dedicated to the deepening of the individual species, whether they are flowering plants, aromatic herbs, medicinal plants and trees, with all the information necessary for their care, sowing, pruning, transplanting and harvesting, complete with therapeutic properties and uses in phytotherapy.

The vegetable garden
If organic fruit and vegetables have been recognized for years as healthier, more respectful of natural rhythms, and of course better, why not try to make your own organic garden?

Continuing with the maintenance work necessary during the year, irrigation, the protection of your seedlings from attacks by diseases and parasites is an ‘operational’ phase that fills you with tiredness, even satisfaction for the good performance of your green space .

The harvest, the final part of all efforts, is certainly the richest in satisfaction. Finally you can enjoy your organic vegetables in the preparations you like best.

The garden
What could be more beautiful and relaxing than a view of the green and the colors of the flowers? Nothing gives greater well-being than a corner of Nature.

Being able to have even just a small balcony where to store pots full of lush plants is a real pleasure, especially in the summer, but it can also be enjoyed in winter. Accompanied by the satisfaction of the care work carried out during the year.

The many advantages of the vegetable garden and garden
When you are lucky enough to enjoy a garden and, even better, to dedicate a part of it to the vegetable garden, the benefits we can derive from it are innumerable.

Beyond the undeniable advantage of being able to consume organic, tasty and seasonal vegetables or fruit, of which you are sure, you find yourself in contact with Nature and its rhythms.

Gardening tries to tame it, but respects its laws. Plants need care and time. In the modern world made up of immediacy, we learn the value of waiting, of work projected into the future, and rediscover a natural rhythm. You learn to respect the constraints of time, seasons, irrigation, harvesting and conservation.

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