6 Major Benefits Of Window Tinting

Window tinting is the application of a thin film of a sheet on either the interior or exterior of glass surfaces. Window tinting plays a significant role in cutting down the cost of using other alternatives and brings the desired appearance to car or home windows.

In this article, you will learn about the advantages of choosing window tints over other alternatives such as curtains, blinds, and shutters. You will also get an insight on how to get the right company to do the window tinting.

Benefits of window tinting

  • Energy conservation

One of the primary reasons why most people are preferring window tints over curtains and blinds is that window tints help to cut down on energy bills. Ordinary glass windows allow solar energy to penetrate inside the house thus raising the indoor temperatures. As a result, the owner needs to install a cooling mechanism in place to get rid of the extreme heat. However, window tint reflects most of the heat from the sun thus maintaining the room temperature. Hence you do not worry about using the AC.

  • Security

Burglars usually break into homes via the windows by easily shattering the window panes and finding the spot where they can easily squeeze through. However, with a window tint in place, they will have a difficult time breaking the window because it adds a hard layer that cannot be broken easily.

  • Safety

Installing window tint in place will get hold of your window panes. In case the windowpane is accidentally broken, the shuttered glasses will stick to the window tint thus avoiding spreading all over the room. This will ensure the safety of the dwellers because there will be no injuries associated with shuttered glasses.

  • Low maintenance

Since window tint is waterproof and scratch-resistant, there is no need for regular cleaning of your windows and this can save you time and cost. However, you have to do thorough research to find out if the window tint you want to purchase has the above properties as you may end up getting the wrong type of window tint.

  • Privacy

With window tint in place, you are assured of privacy because people cannot see into your house from outside, but you can see them. It is suitable especially for those people who are close to the streets and busy roads.

  • Additional value

Window tint, if correctly put in place, will increase the appearance of your home and in turn raise the value of your property. You need to select the right kind of window tint that blends well with your home to maintain a sleek appearance.

Is it expensive to tint your windows?

If you are looking for a cheaper solution for your windows, then window tint is the way to go. The benefits discussed above are proof that window tinting brisbane is indeed the perfect solution to go with. When looking for a window tint company, you should make sure that they are affordable and provide quality window tints.


3 ways to protect yourself from the harmful radiations from the Sun

As the summer is approaching, we have before ourselves long days that stretch out into the horizon, refreshing juices and iced lattes that fresh up our minds and adventurous rides to the beach to clear out our heads. Summer seems the perfect time for many of us. But, it does not occur to us to save ourselves from the radiations that fall from the sun. It can be incredibly harmful to be in the exposure of these rays without window tinting perth and protection for long because it can cause skin burns and even lead towards fatal diseases like skin cancer. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself from these harmful rays.

Using sunscreen

Using sunscreen with a significant SPF is important. You cannot use low SPF sunscreen during harsh sunlight because it will not protect you at all. You should use the ones which have 50 SPF or higher. Considering where you live, you can always check what is suitable in that region. You will need to wear sunscreen every time you go out into the sunlight especially during peak hours from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Moreover, you must apply at least an ounce of sunblock to be protected from the sun rays. Some sunscreens do provide protection against the skin burns but do not offer long-term protection from cancer.

Prevent going out in peak hours

The peak hours of the sun radiations usually last from 4 to 5 hours. These hours are the time when you do not need to be exposed much long for the radiations to produce any adverse effect. This is the time when you should avoid going out directly in the sun. If you do have to go out, consider going in your car or even if you do an uber, try getting one that has window tinting during the ride or it offers some shade in the car. You can also follow other safety protocols if there is an urgent need for you to go out.


You can always accessorize when you have to protect yourself from the sun. The accessories will look good on you as you will probably be following a fashion trend and you can protect yourself too. You can wear light colored shades that can protect your eyes and provide a cool view of the outdoors. You can wear a cap to prevent yourself from headaches and thirst. The cap will also offer protection to your ears and face. You can wear long-sleeved tops and full length jeans to protect your skin. Lastly, you can wear light colored dresses so as to prevent absorption of uv rays that may increase the body heat.

Vegetable garden and garden

From the balcony to the terrace and of course in the garden, and how to grow vegetables and fruit in the garden .

You can consult the various sheets on the different gardening techniques and cultivation of vegetables and fruit trees, you will have access to our advice on the biological fight against pests and diseases, without resorting to chemicals.

In the vegetable garden and garden category you will also find a complete section dedicated to the deepening of the individual species, whether they are flowering plants, aromatic herbs, medicinal plants and trees, with all the information necessary for their care, sowing, pruning, transplanting and harvesting, complete with therapeutic properties and uses in phytotherapy.

The vegetable garden
If organic fruit and vegetables have been recognized for years as healthier, more respectful of natural rhythms, and of course better, why not try to make your own organic garden?

Continuing with the maintenance work necessary during the year, irrigation, the protection of your seedlings from attacks by diseases and parasites is an ‘operational’ phase that fills you with tiredness, even satisfaction for the good performance of your green space .

The harvest, the final part of all efforts, is certainly the richest in satisfaction. Finally you can enjoy your organic vegetables in the preparations you like best.

The garden
What could be more beautiful and relaxing than a view of the green and the colors of the flowers? Nothing gives greater well-being than a corner of Nature.

Being able to have even just a small balcony where to store pots full of lush plants is a real pleasure, especially in the summer, but it can also be enjoyed in winter. Accompanied by the satisfaction of the care work carried out during the year.

The many advantages of the vegetable garden and garden
When you are lucky enough to enjoy a garden and, even better, to dedicate a part of it to the vegetable garden, the benefits we can derive from it are innumerable.

Beyond the undeniable advantage of being able to consume organic, tasty and seasonal vegetables or fruit, of which you are sure, you find yourself in contact with Nature and its rhythms.

Gardening tries to tame it, but respects its laws. Plants need care and time. In the modern world made up of immediacy, we learn the value of waiting, of work projected into the future, and rediscover a natural rhythm. You learn to respect the constraints of time, seasons, irrigation, harvesting and conservation.

The vertical garden: the best examples and techniques of this solution to make the city green

History of vertical gardens

The pioneer of the vertical garden was Patrick Blanc , a Parisian botanist and scholar who with his spectacular vertical gardens has covered facades and areas, both public and private, not only in the French capital.

In fact, he set up the first wall at the La Villette museum in Paris. Then 15,000 square meters in Rue d’Alsace, and finally the green facade of the Quai Branly museum, for which he has become famous.

Gradually other green architects have sprung up and have indulged themselves around the world with increasingly refined plant walls.

From London (Hotel Athenaeum) to Madrid (Caixa Forum), from Bangkok (Emporium Shopping Mall) to New Delhi (French Embassy), passing through Taipei (Concert Hall) and Milan (Bosco Verticale). And just to mention the best known examples.

Vertical garden: the technique

Vertical gardens are harmonious compositions of plants made on stratified panels or modules (PVC and felt) inserted in a metal cage , which is fixed to the walls (external vertical gardens) or to the walls (internal vertical gardens), but can also be supported by special structures.

The hydroponic cultivation method allows a constant water supply of rainwater and fertilizers, through drip systems placed in the upper part of the wall and there is no need for soil.

The panelsĀ 

Green walls can be built on large panels or modules that can be assembled, which integrate well with the characteristics of the wall and guarantee the functionality of doors and windows.

The specific modern plant engineering for the construction of vertical gardens finds greater application in two types of plant:

  • the ventilated facade , ideal for covering the external walls of large buildings
  • the sound-absorbing walls, exclusively designed to ensure acoustic isolation and beautify urban areas in the vicinity of airports, roads and motorways, railways.

The panels constitute in practice the inorganic substrate for the vegetation of which are covered and allow to grow by exploiting the technique of hydroponic cultivation, ie without the use of soil .

The panels are equipped with fully automated irrigation and fertilization micro-systems , thus making maintenance undemanding. They are also generally placed a couple of centimeters from the wall or wall to be covered to allow air circulation and prevent moisture from stagnating